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Synergy is not just a boring, meaningless word or phrase. Through effective team synergy, we can enable our diverse team to collaborate more easily and successfully complete key tasks or projects. That's why we acquired a stake in these companies that connects them directly to the Feelcom group, while preserving their own identity.



is a media producer (photos and commercial videos, TV spots and films)
representing some of the best creative talent in the Mozambican industry.
At the
market since 2019, we use the audiovisual branch to convey local stories through the eyes
of the natives.
The creative process in the conception of the Nartives brand was particularly emotional for us due to its semi-descriptive nature.
We idealized "Nartives" as a derivative of Narratives in fusion with Art and we delved into the idea of storytelling.
In July 2020, the Feelcom Group decided to place Nartives at the center of its media activities, feeding all the Group's operations with its incomparable knowledge in content design.


Skydrone is a drone company that operates throughout Mozambique. With more than 10 years of experience at the service of professionals in many sectors of activity, he has developed real knowledge in technical analysis and audiovisual production. As a forerunner in Mozambique, Skydrone regularly works with major television and film productions to produce aerial footage.

Skydrone offers drone photogrammetry services for the creation of 3D models, in order to provide useful technical data for topographic surveys, for calculating the cube in stock management, or for designing plans. The company also uses drone thermography. This technique is used to inspect photovoltaic panels, detect heat leaks and perform thermal diagnostics. Mobility and a wide field of action are the main advantages of the drone. It is an indispensable tool for reaching inaccessible areas. That's why Skydrone carries out inspections of structures, roofs, wind turbines, industrial facilities or for expertise during disasters.

Pick Urmed.jpg


PICKURMED is a MarketPlace,
a website on which pharmacies
have the opportunity to sell their products or services online.
MarketPlace has many advantages for both parties. On the buyers side, it allows them to benefit from a wide choice of products. For professionals, it offers access to millions of potential customers.


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